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Why buy my games?

When you buy a game made by a large company then you know that a lot of people spent a lot of time on it. When you buy a game made by one person then you know he put his heart and soul into it. When you buy a game made by me then I would like you to know that you won't come out alive.

The Chosen Saffa News

There Once Was Many Finally in Alpha!

There Once Were Many has finally made it into its alpha stages! It is now 50% complete and it will be in beta stages after a graphics and sound overhaul. This game is getting closer and closer to being complete, but its just not there yet. But why complain about me taking my time when Bethesda Softworks has said next to nothing about the next Fallout game since New Vegas' release in 2010! So go complain to them. :)

Next Game Decided!

What can be released after the brutal death fest known as There Once Were Many? Well I could tell you but it might be more fun to wait until There Once Were Many is in its beta stages to reveal exactly what I will release next. All I will say is that is completely contrasts with our current project and it wont be what you expect it to be...